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The employee experience revolution is happening; ExChange is the gathering of professionals and practitioners at its forefront.

About the conference

It's the coming together of thought leaders, an exploration of the intricacies of the experiences of our employees. It's challenging everything we think we know about the world of work.

The biggest names in employee experience and future of work will spend the day sharing their insight with CEOs, CPOs and practitioners working in HR, internal comms and employee engagement.

This is a day for the people who design and deliver exceptional employee experiences, and for those who know that the way we work is changing beyond all recognition.

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The event


Matt Macri-Waller, CEO & Founder Benefex

Time to hit the panic button on your employee experience?

James Wallman, Futurist and author of Stuffocation

Experience This! What The Rise Of The Experience Economy Means At Work

James will explain why you can no longer pay your way to a productive and loyal workforce – and why great work experiences matter

Ade Cheatham and April Bembridge of PKF Cooper Parry

Culture eats strategy

A case study on how to energise and engage high expectation people


Pete Trainor, Co-Founder of Us Ai and author of Hippo, the Human-Focused Digital Book

Don't do things better, do better things

If your people are worried about the impact of AI and machine learning then Pete will give you a new perspective

Andy Swann author of The Human Workplace

Platforms for people to thrive: create the experience because you are the interface

Are you ready to unlock the innovation potential of your people?



Delivering a world-class employee experience; what can we learn from customer experience?

Your chance to grill people who have transformed employee and customer experiences at Bupa, Harrods and Virgin Media

Andrea Pattico, Chief People Officer MVF

The mysterious millennial - decoding the new generation

Ben Whitter, CEO & Founder World Employee Experience Institute

Employee Experience: Defining, Designing, & Delivering Exceptional Business & Human Results

Be ready to have your thinking challenged


Amy Brann, author of Engaged, Make Your Brain Work, and Neuroscience for Coaches

What is the gold standard for employee experience?

Amy will get you thinking about what it takes to create a brain-friendly work experience

Lucy Adams, CEO of Disruptive HR

HR for a disrupted world

Lucy will get us thinking about how to adapt employee experiences to keep pace with relentless change

Close & Drinks

Meet the speakers

We know that great experiences, thoughtfully designed, drive higher levels of employee engagement, retain talent and are the basis of your employer brand. We’re bringing the biggest names in employee experience to equip attendees with practical takeaways for changing the experience their employees receive for the better.

Ben Whitter

Ben Whitter

Ben is Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI)-a leading global employee experience organisation, and better known to many as Mr Employee Experience.

Ben is a leading writer, contributor, and commentator globally about the 'experience' of work. Ben's work has been featured by Deloitte University Press, Forbes, Financial Times, LinkedIn, and many more publications, and has been translated into multiple languages across Europe and Asia. His 2016 article Bye, Bye HR? has been read over 1 million times.

Matt Macri-Waller

Matt Macri-Waller

Matt is Founder and CEO of global award-winning employee experience platform, Benefex. He is an Advisory Board member of KPMG’s Global Fintech 100 business, Salary Finance and a Barclays Entrepreneur Ambassador and Advisor.

Matt holds one of the highest CEO approval ratings on Glassdoor at 98%, and he's helped hundreds of organisations understand what’s impacting their employee engagement. He works with some of the world’s best employers to design and deliver an employee experience which enables them to achieve their strategy.

Sean Risebrow Whitter

Sean Risebrow

As Director of Customer Experience Sean led the transformation of Virgin Media’s customer experience from its launch in 2007 until its acquisition by Liberty Global in 2013. The turnaround in the quality of experience has been by quoted by analysts as a key element in the $5 to $53 increase in share price, during which the customers’ view of the experience changed from bottom quartile to industry lead. Sean is one of a few Senior Executives that has successfully led an organisation through the four recognised stages to Customer Experience Maturity – Fix, Deliver, Differentiate and Delight.

Sean worked for Fidelity Worldwide Investment in February 2014, to shape and drive their customer centricity programme. In January of 2015 Sean joined NewsUK, the publishers of The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun where he was responsible for the Customer Experience, Member Service and Customer Event teams. Sean now leads the Customer Experience team at BUPA as their Director of Customer Experience, dedicated to helping its customers live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Machaela Shepherd

Machaela Shepherd

Machaela is an established business to business sales leader with over 16 years experience at Bupa UK. Machaela initially worked within the SME sales channel, but in 2010 turned her attention to Corporate sales where she successful led a department with a portfolio of 980 clients and a net worth of £95 million.

In 2017 her passion for the customer led her to take on a new challenge and move into the customer experience team. Machaela now uses her expertise with B2B clients and intermediaries to improve the Bupa experience for these key customers, for example leading the transformation of their renewal experience.

Machaela has also developed Bupa’s “Closer to the Customer” programme which in 2017 saw 460 of its top Leaders personally connect 1,800 times to the real experience being delivered to Bupa customers across the UK.

James Wallman

James Wallman

James Wallman is a futurist. He runs strategy + innovation + futures consultancy The Future is Here. He wrote the best-selling book, Stuffocation (Penguin, 2015). Wallman has advised companies from Absolut to Zurich Financial, via BASF, BMW, Compare the Market, Design Hotels, Google, Samsung, and Vodafone. He has given talks from Amsterdam to Beijing, Helsinki, and Las Vegas; at venues including the Googleplex, the Collision Conference, and 10 Downing Street.

He has commented on trends happening now and forecast what will happen next for more than a decade. Previously, he wrote the futurology column in T3 magazine and ran a company called The Future Laboratory’s trend forecasting division. His opinions have appeared in publications like the New York Times, the Financial Times, the Economist, and Wired.

Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams, CEO of Disruptive HR, talks about some of the biggest challenges facing leaders and HR today. Lucy created Disruptive HR after having held senior level HR roles in a variety of sectors, most recently at the BBC. She grew frustrated with the lack of innovation and fresh thinking in the profession and wanted to find new ways of tackling old problems.

She now runs the agency to help HR Directors and business leaders to do things differently. Lucy is also the author of the bestseller "HR Disrupted", a book packed with practical ways to innovate your approach to leading people in a disrupted world.

Ade Cheatham

Ade Cheatham

Ade started his career in a national accountancy firm and despite progressing quickly felt frustrated by the bureaucracy, politics and shocking communication.

In 2003, he joined Cooper Parry, a 150 year old accounting firm, at a time when the older partners were retiring and a new group of ‘thirty-somethings’ came together. We were young, driven and ambitious and wanted to rebel. We wanted to create something very different. To make our mark and build the sort of business that we would all want to work for. Something remarkable. So we ripped up the rulebook, followed our hearts and started to challenge every stereotype that people had of accountants.

14 years later PKF Cooper Parry is the fastest growing firm of accountants in the country, the Sunday Times 12th Best Company to work for in the UK and the British Accountancy Awards Most Innovative Firm of the Year. Come and hear how Ade and his colleagues took a 150 year old, very traditional accounting business and created the ‘Google’ of their profession, by putting people and culture first. With a mission to ‘Disrupt, Lead and Make Life Count’.

April Bembridge

April Bembridge

Culture. What does it mean? For me, it’s travelling, climbing or walking my dog, Saffron. For you, it might be music, food…But what about at work? After 14 years in HR, I’m on a mission to put the ‘Human’ back into Human Resources. At PKF Cooper Parry, I’m responsible for People and Culture – fully embedding a ‘Culture First, Strategy Second’ approach and it’s beginning to drive our business and make us famous

Pete Trainor

Pete Trainor

Pete Trainor is an author, applied Artificial Intelligence designer, technologist, accidental polymath, mental health campaigner and co-founder of Us Ai. He talks all over the world on creative & social technologies, data, Ai and the physiological & psychological effects on their audiences.

His recently published, bestselling, book “Human Focused Digital” takes a philosophical look at technology and design, challenging us to look inwardly at the self when designing future technologies.

Over the last three years, Pete has helped to pioneer an entirely new approach to Ai focused services, one that looks at ‘self-evolving systems’ and ‘minimum viable personality’ to help solve societal and human issues.

Pete regularly appears in UK national and international press as an analyst on emergent technologies, and tech markets. Pete chairs the Ai Think Tank for The British Interactive Media Association.

He was recently voted, by the industry, as one of the 5 most influential people in the British digital industry in Econsultancys 2017 industry report.

He has a very simple philosophy: Don’t do things better, do better things.

Andrea Pattico

Andrea Pattico

Ange leads the MVF People function and is responsible for co-creating and executing the People Strategy. She has over 20 years’ experience working in senior People roles within film, BPO/ITO, online retail and online comparison sectors. She is a fellow of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) and a certified coach with AoEC (Academy of Executive Coaches). Ange is dedicated to coaching and developing colleagues to support organisational growth, as well as creating a phenomenal work experience that aligns with individuals using their strengths and achieving their personal purpose.

Andy Swann

Andy Swann

Andy works around the world on unique, innovative and impactful projects for some of the planet’s largest organizations and biggest brands. Known as an expert on the relationship between people and work, Andy’s book The Human Workplace has been described as essential reading for all leaders. Its core message of people-first organizational success has gained attention across the media.

An experiment on the relationship between people and work, The Work Project, set Andy’s research on a path to unlocking some of the most complex global organizations and contributing to the future of major brands through a unique, creative approach to organizational development, consultancy and projects. Whether working on insight projects, in-depth explorations or transformational approaches, Andy’s approach is based on an understanding of the dynamics of human interaction.

Amy Brann

Amy Brann

Amy passionately delivers the message that you and your organization have a huge amount of potential that can be better accessed if you understand how to work with your brain optimally.

Leaving UCL medical school to Coach clients around the world gave amy great insight into how to get the best from people wherever they are starting from. Transitioning from Coaching into corporate work Amy founded Synaptic Potential which works with orgnizations strengthening their strategy, culture and performance. The team works globally sharing reliably simple applications of neuroscience that lead to game changing insights and results. Having partnered with Bangor University’s Behavior Change Centre the trainings gained additional credibility from the input of thorough researchers.

She is the author of ‘Make Your Brain Work’ & ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’ & ‘Engaged: The neuroscience behind creating productive people in successful organizations’. Amy is normally found delivering a keynote somewhere around the world, with her head in a book or enjoying adventures with her daughter and husband.

Amy is a visiting lecturer to Manchester Metropolitan University teaching the neuroscience of leadership on the Master of Sports Directorship programme.

Niall Ryan-Jones

Niall Ryan-Jones

Niall Ryan-Jones has worked in retail his entire career for various companies such as Harrods, Liberty, World Duty Free, House of Fraser, Debenhams, John Lewis and Primark.

His experience encompasses many employee touch points such as internal communications, benefits and recognition, corporate responsibility, corporate health, employee engagement and employer brand management.

Over the years Niall’s work has assisted transformation within the organisation to the point where Harrods has received numerous accreditations, such as being a ‘Best Company to Work For’, ‘Top Employer’ six years in a row, Accredited by Glassdoor and LinkedIn. In addition to this employee turnover is the lowest amongst its peers and employee engagement is at a healthy 80%. This has undoubtedly gone some way to enabling Harrods to deliver industry leading levels of service, sales and profit, over the last 10 years.

Niall’s is now a consultant whose aim is to help organisations ensure employees are equipped and inspired to deliver an exceptional customer experience, which is underpinned by an exceptional employee experience.

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Benefex believe that only well-designed and meaningful employee experiences can truly drive engagement, every day. They deliver consumer-grade employee experiences to organisations like Bank of America, Bank of England, BT, Centrica, Dentons LLP, E.ON, ITV, M&S, Plusnet, and Worldpay through their award-winning platform, OneHub.

Using OneHub, HR professionals can run, manage, and deliver exceptional experiences for their people, all in one place. It’s easy, intuitive, and works on any device, any time, anywhere. OneHub encompasses a wide range of tools to individually design every element of your employee experience. Whatever you need support with; whether that’s benefits, employee value proposition, communications, recognition; OneHub has the tools to help maximise your investment in your employees.

The Employee Engagement Alliance

The Employee Engagement Alliance

The Employee Engagement Alliance (EEA) is the standard bearer for professional development in the discipline of Employee Engagement. The EEA provides membership to a global network of Employee Engagement professionals enabling them to learn, share, act and co-create through their learning events, training courses, networking opportunities, access to the latest insights, research, whitepapers and reports.

The Employee Engagement Awawrds

The Employee Engagement Awards

The Employee Engagement Awards (EE Awards) is the first and only global, dedicated Employee Engagement Awards & conference business. We believe in inspiring and educating people to remake the way organisations engage, people to achieve their purpose. That's why we created and continue to improve the Employee Engagement Awards. Our aim is to provide a platform to recognise excellence in engagement that inspires action and drives the industry and the employee experience forward. The EE Awards provides organisations both industry acknowledgement and an important competitive advantage in attracting the best talent.

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