Organizations are increasing their focus on customer experience (CX) as they discover its link to loyalty and overall business results. While any company can improve portions of its customer experience, it takes more than a few superficial changes to create lasting differentiation. And they won’t succeed without an engaged workforce.


During this webinar, Aimee Lucas, CX Transformist and Vice President of Temkin Group, will share some of Temkin Group's research into how organizations can move to higher levels of customer experience and why engaged employees make all the difference when it comes to achieving results.


Attendees will learn about:

  • The key principles of customer experience
  • The things CX-leading companies do differently and better than their competition
  • The attitudes of engaged employees that lead to valuable behaviors on the job
  • What other companies have done that have yielded positive employee engagement and customer experience outcomes


Wednesday 11th October  - 4pm GMT / 11am EST

If you can't attend the webinar on the day, then sign up anyway and we will send you a recording you can watch on-demand. 


About the Presenter:

Temkin Group is a leading customer experience research and consulting firm. Many of the world’s largest brands rely on its insights and advice to steer their transformational journeys. Temkin Group combines customer experience thought leadership with a deep understanding of the dynamics of organizations to help accelerate results. Rather than layering on cosmetic changes, Temkin Group helps companies embed practices within their culture by building four critical competencies: Purposeful Leadership, Employee Engagement, Compelling Brand Values, and Customer Connectedness. The firm’s ongoing research identifies leading and emerging best practices across a wide range of activities for engaging the hearts and minds of customers, employees, and partners.

Aimee Lucas, CCXP is a Customer Experience Transformist & Vice President at Temkin Group. She has over 16 years of experience improving service delivery and transforming the customer experience through people development and process improvement initiatives. Her areas of expertise include market research, program management, marketing, instructional design, and training. Aimee leads Temkin Group’s research into employee engagement, business-to-business CX, and the organizational dynamics of successful CX functions.

Prior to joining Temkin Group, Aimee was responsible for implementing the client experience strategy and managing the voice of the customer (VoC) program at one of the top ten public accounting and consulting firms in the U.S. Her work included planning and managing strategic initiatives and collaborating with cross-functional teams to introduce “new-to-company” functions and improvements. Past projects include starting the firm’s internal market research function, managing the design and implementation of its sales and relationship management process, and delivering instructional design and training services across the organization.

Aimee is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in marketing management.

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