Often we hear how organisations put people at the heart of their business. Increasingly, companies are looking to treat their people like their greatest customer. While the world of work embraces the ideology, it’s been slow to actively promote the consumer mindset in its day-to-day activities.

Products like Amazon, Spotify, and Candy Crush are thriving. Why?? Because they are hell-bent on catering to the consumer mindset. So, how can we apply their principals to company culture, social leadership, feedback, and overall user experience?

Join our 30 minute panel discussion on the 1st May to hear from three industry experts about how applying a consumer mindset is redefining the word of work, and what that means for employee experience as a whole.

The panel includes:

Marcus Thornley - CEO and Founder of Play Consulting
Gethin Nadin - Director, Employee Wellbeing at Benefex and author of A World of Good
Debra Ward - Managing Director of Camm & Hooper