International Cultural Engagement Specialist Certification

  • January 1, 1970 12:00 am
  • Online training
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Help Your Company Flourish from the Inside Out
and become a highly impactful, value adding leader
with Certification as an ICES™, an
International Cultural Engagement Specialist™
(and get SHRM and HRCI recertification credits in the process!)

Lack of engagement in the workplace is
one of the biggest issues
affecting businesses today.

Unhappiness in the workplace costs
businesses more than they know.

  • Only 13% of the global workforce is engaged—that is where they are emotionally committed and bringing the highest performance to the organization. That means 87% are disengaged or even worse, actively disengaged. Research shows this is having a huge negative financial impact on businesses.
  • A worker’s disengagement costs the company about 1/3 of the worker’s salary on average.
  • Up to 70% or more are not happy at work and are dreading Mondays.
  • 84 percent of employees in a recent poll said they plan to look for a new position within a year.



Introducing the ICES™
Online Certification Program:
The convenient online version of the world-renowned ICES™
LIVE certification program.

For many years, Evoloshen has been offering its International Cultural Engagement Specialist™ live training program, which has helped hundreds of students finally solve their companies’ engagement problem and take their companies to new heights.
Now you can get this same powerful proven training
right at your fingertips!


What do you get with your ICES™
Online Registration?

14 Modules of Robust Training Content:

You’ll get over 15 hours of training videos that will take you through each facet of understanding the importance of engagement and how you can become a change agent to improve it within your company.


Access to the exclusive Evoloshen Academy ICES Certified Professional Network

The Evoloshen Academy ICES Certified Professional Network is a private LinkedIn group that will be a key component of your success.


Weekly Live Q&A Calls

Each week, we will host Q&A calls for participants on the program. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered live, get further insights on the core training material and ultimately improve your understanding and implementation of the training.

If you can’t make it live to the calls, no problem! We post recordings of each call within 24 hours. You can also post questions ahead of calls in the LinkedIn community.


What Is the Cost?


As a token of appreciation for you getting in on the inaugural opening of the ICES™ Online Certification Program, you can get this valuable certification and training experience at the one-time cost of only $1,995.