Learning Training

Create engaging video with an iPhone or iPad

  • September 6, 2019 9:30 am
  • Vintners’ Hall (venue may change) 68, Upper Thames Street LONDON EC4V 3BG

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You’re human. So you need to communicate. You could use text. But the human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text. The people you want to communicate with want video. Making video for them used to be costly and complicated – the preserve of professionals. Not any more though. iPhones and iPads have put the power of video making in your hands. Happy days! But wait! There’s a snag. Your audience has grown fickle. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Average attention spans are down to 2 seconds. With all this noise, why will they choose to watch your video? That video you spent so much time and effort producing? If it’s mediocre, they won’t. Your videos HAVE to be engaging. Luckily, as we’ve established, you’re human. Engagement is your middle name..

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Is it right for me?
No previous experience is required. Through a series of logical discussions and exercises we’ll not only learn how to film and edit, but we’ll build up a clear understanding of how to create video that people will want to watch. You’ll be loaned an iPad, microphone and headphones for the day. Following this one-day interactive workshop you’ll also be offered complimentary access to an online version of the course that will allow you to revisit the learning whenever you choose.

Why an iPad?
When it comes to a choice between filming with an android or an apple device, it’s a close call. However, to make engaging video, you have to edit. And when it comes to editing, Apple boasts an editing app (not iMovie) that beats everything else by a country mile. Rather than take my word for it, you’ll be loaned an iPad on the day with this app pre-installed. This way you can make an informed decision after the workshop on how you want to move forward. (This amazing apple editing app costs £19, by the way).

By the end of this course you will…
Understand the video spectrum.
Appreciate the power of stories – and how to spot the good ones.
Be able to harness the power of your stories to create change-making video.

More precisely, you’ll be able to…
Get the most out of an iPhone or iPad camera.
Master this amazing Apple editing app.
Know how to film great shots ‘for the edit’.
Know how to effectively film people chatting.
Write and record engaging narration.
Weave all these different elements together into stories.
Film yourself saying stuff.
Share your videos instantly with the waiting world.

Are refreshments and a light lunch included and should dietary requirements be made known?

Are there only twelve seats?

“Rob’s workshop was fantastic!! I graduated university with a degree in photography and video just last year and it was so refreshing to hear the story telling principals I’ve previously been taught from a new person! Rob taught in a way that was accessible with any level of videography knowledge. He was extremely approachable, patient and enthusiastic. I gained a fresh perspective, a new lease of passion for videography and I was reminded of the power of video storytelling for a wider audience and also of the power it has in my own life! The workshop was well thought through, it went at a pleasant pace. Rob used fun and engaging ways to not only teach theoretical principles but also bring them to life with creatively challenging practical activities. Despite of Rob’s very impressive professional background he taught with humility, kindness and the perfect amount of humour. My colleagues and I that attended Rob’s workshop consisted of a variety of ages, cultures and videography experience but Rob was able to make it engaging for us all which I believe is very honourable. I came out of Rob’s workshop with a huge smile on my face, a strong desire to create more videos and an extremely grateful heart!” Kallie Wheeler