Aimee O'Leary
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Aimee O'Leary

On Thursday 10th May we hosted a webinar with our new partners Totem.

This webinar, brought to us by Totem’s founder and CEO Marcus Thornley, discussed his background in the gaming industry and why Totem are seeing huge success bringing gaming to the workplace.

Attendees learnt about:

  • Why people have been so engaged with games in recent year’s
  • Why gaming in the workplace has been so successful
  • What the term ‘gamification’ actually means
  • What impact it’s having on employee engagement
  • How to implement it in your organisation

Marcus also shared case studies with us as well as his quick wins and tips that cost you nothing to increase engagement at work through gaming.


A copy of the slides used during the webinar can be downloaded through our Insights section (members only) here.