Aimee O'Leary
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Aimee O'Leary

On Wednesday 24th January, we hosted a webinar with The Employee Engagement Awards and Tim Robson from NSU Media.

Frontline managers lead most of the people taking to your customers but they’re often overlooked and under-appreciated in large organisations.

Turns out engaging them properly and giving them a platform smashes an old-school
hierarchy, boosts performance and leaves customers happier.

Tom talked us through why NSU Media decided to focus their entire agency on frontline leadership engagement, with case studies from some of the UKs biggest brands such as Marks and Spencer and Liverpool Football Club.

The webinar covered:

  • Top tips learning for engaging senior and executive sponsors and stakeholders
  • The journey to giving frontline leaders a platform
  • How to make engagement ‘programmes’ sustainable
  • How to leverage digital media

A huge thanks to Tim for giving our members a free copy of their series of white papers on the importance, power and results of giving frontline leaders a long-term platform in an organisation.



Download a copy of the The Frontline – Where Employee Engagement succeeds or fails webinar slides or white papers through our Insights section (members only)