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Ruth Dance

On Tuesday 22nd January, we hosted a webinar with Emma Bridger from PeopleLab. For the third year running, and ahead of the official announcement, Emma shared their latest research ‘Spotlight On’ on Understanding the Employee Engagement ‘gap’ and what do about it.

PeopleLab launched this study back in 2016, to gather insight from the true experts in the field; the people championing engagement every day in their working lives.

>Over the last year, we’ve noticed that businesses of all shapes and sizes are continuing to focus on employee engagement. Finally, after three years of research we’re starting to see some ‘grass roots’ as Emma called it; organisations are starting to understand the importance of employee engagement and put aside resource specifically. But is this enough? And where else are we still not seeing an increase?

A copy of the slides used during the webinar can be downloaded through our Insights section (members only) here

To access the full ‘Spotlight On’ report please click here