We’re hugely excited to announce our partnership with Totem!

Totem has a unique and refreshing approach to employee engagement and we’re very excited for all the eventsworkshopswebinars, (games!) and much more that we have planned. We’re also secretly hoping we will start getting invited to some of their office trips..

“We are so excited to be partnering with the EEA,” said Marcus Thornley, CEO of Play, the company that makes Totem. “Our mission to to redefine the workplace and reset the relationship between employee and employer, and in the EEA we’ve met our natural partners. We’re both committed to real employee engagement – that unlocks individual and team potential.”

Ruth Dance, our fabulous MD, said “We are super excited to be partnering with Totem. Everything about Totem is fresh, new and trailblazing – from the team, their offices and most importantly, the work they’re doing to bring fun and real time customer data direct to people at all levels of an organisation is just what this industry needs. Using their success and knowledge from gaming and translating that into making work fun is a bonus.”

As part of our partner offers included in Membership, all EEA members are entitled to a special discount off Totem. Contact Rosie at [email protected] for more details.

About Totem

Totem is the mobile-first platform that tackles poor engagement by supercharging communication, recognition and performance; helping build and inspire communities to achieve their goals. Totem has been a game changer for teams at Vodafone, PWC, Leeds Building Society, Bupa and Hakkasan by revolutionising how they engage and communicate. Totem resets the relationship between employees and employers by driving genuine emotional engagement and employee ownership.

The platform excels at giving employees the autonomy and information they need to become active and engaged players in their cultures. The newsfeed encourages team members to become authors, not readers. Kudos, Totem’s gamified recognition system, develops peer-to-peer feedback in real-time. Totem drives performance by gamifying business goals so teams can impact their own metrics, and not just be measured by them.

Totem is built by a team of 22 with games industry alumni from EA, PopCap, Mind Candy, Lionhead and more. Totem is built on the belief that game techniques can create habits that help people and companies achieve their engagement goals.


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