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Ruth Dance

Gradually organisations are recognising the last taboo of wellness in the workplace – money!

Is there a dis-connect between pay and employee engagement.  The FCA found that half the UK is financially vulnerable.  A lack of savings, high debt levels, rising cost of living and rents coupled with a lack and mistrust of financial organisations is a key player in stress and absence levels. 

That’s why, on Thursday 1st August 2019, we hosted a webinar with Jo Thresher from Better With Money to explore “Payday People and Performance – Why should you care about how your employees handle their own money and how does this affect your engagement.

Jo expertly covered:

  • The current issues around personal money matters in the workplace
  • What you need to consider – the basics
  • Success stories – how companies are tackling the last taboo!
  • Common issues – where mistakes are made and how to overcome problems

A full recording can be viewed below:

About Jo Thresher

Jo is a personal finance expert with over 25 years’ experience across client facing and management roles in the financial services sector.  Having worked with many large UK employers on their employee benefits and in particular pension schemes she saw the gap that existed between products, advice and what the average employee needed.  She established her financial education companyBetter With Money,  with the purpose of demystifying personal finance.   Jo uses her expertise, enthusiasm, and jargon-free approach to make finance more understandable, fun and far less scary, all of which helps employees reach their financial goals.

Her aim is to reduce money unhappiness in the UK, guiding employees through all aspects of finance from debt to home-buying, pensions, wills and employee benefits.  Jo has worked with a range of the UK’s largest employers across a wide range of industries and has won numerous awards for engaging employees with money.  Jo is married with four children and loves festivals, music, family and adventures.  Jo is also the best-selling author of “What’s your excuse for not being BETTER WITH MONEY?”, a practical self-help guide to personal finance.