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Ruth Dance

Hello! What a busy month we’ve had here at The EEA. As I write this, we’ve had 39 new members join us over the past month from companies such as Cancer Research, Grayling, Bupa, Red Cross and Whitbread. A big warm welcome to all our new members.

I attended The Employee Engagement Awards conference on 1st March in central London. A full agenda with a fantastic variety of speakers from across the globe sharing their facts, statistics, case studies and thoughts on Employee Engagement. Some particular highlights for me were the many discussions around demographics and that we’ll very soon have 5 separate generations working together. Dr Bob Nelson inspired us that it just takes one person to do something different to create a spark which leads to a fire and therefore creating change in an organisation.

We also co-hosted with Lansons Communications a very healthy event ‘Thriving v Surviving’ with wellbeing specialists Energise You. I, along with a jam packed room of attendees thoroughly enjoyed the discussion, debate and super healthy breakfast.

If you missed either the conference or the ‘thriving v surviving’ event and would like to see the slideshow used then you can access these in our Insights section (link below).

Finally, my little boy Theo started at nursery this month and after his first day I was handed his learning journal explaining what he’d been learning about and how he’d been developing. This got me thinking…. our learning really does start at such a young age and should never stop. Do we still keep learning journals? Do we share our learning experiences with others? Are we constantly thinking about our next learning opportunity? I’d love to hear your thoughts about how The EEA can further support your learning.

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