Payday, People & Performance

Gradually organisations are recognising the last taboo of wellness in the workplace – money! That's why we hosted a webinar with Jo Thresher from Better with Money on this exact subject.

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A 'spicy' welcome to the Midlands

Last night we hosted the bEEArs and EEAts networking event in central Birmingham with our partners Masgroves and were joined by over 50 practitioners from the world of HR, Employee Engagement and Communications and Business Improvement. The inviting, fun and funky Mowgli in central Birmingham was the venue of choice where our community enjoyed an […]
culture carnival

Red Hot Cultures

On 4th July 2019, I had the absolute honour of co-hosting the Cooper Parry Culture Carnival with over 160 ‘Culture Vultures’ attending from across the country. I couldn’t think of a better space or organisation to showcase what they and are others are doing to create a ‘Red Hot Culture’. If you haven’t yet heard […]

Is IC measuring the ‘wrong’ thing?

Measuring the impact internal communication has on business results is the profession’s holy grail. Research shows that currently, internal communication practitioners rely on employee engagement surveys to measure their impact. 73% put is as their preferred measurement tool followed by Intranet or online analytics (page views, etc.) and feedback from face-to-face events. Today we explored […]

The biggest mistakes and successes when building a people first culture

Becoming a great place to work starts with strong roots.  On Thursday 13th June we hosted our very own Graham Norton show to hear 3 very different organisations stories on how they built themselves from the ground up… people-first. The event was run by our fantastic partners at Masgroves so of course it was a little […]

The first “Culture Open Mic Night”

On the 1st May we hosted the first Culture Open Mic with our partners Totem at their brand new studio in the historical tanneries! Why an open mic night you ask? Well we celebrated the good (and the bad) in all things culture, in a relaxed and collaborative environment and quite literally handed the mic over to […]