Why do we need the Alliance?

A KPMG report entitled 'The real value of engaged employees' identified some powerful reasons to engage employees:

Staff without engagement
Staff with engagement
Company Income:

Company operating income tracked over the study period.

% decline
% rise
Staff Sickness:

The average number of sick days taken by employees over the year.

days per year
days per year
Understanding customer experience:

The percentage of employees in an organisation that indicate they have a good understanding of how to meet the customers needs.

% of staff
% of staff
Increase in staff advocacy:

Percentage of employees who would recommend their company’s products or services.

% of staff
% of staff
Profit growth:

The amount of profit growth over the standard for similar size organisations.

% Increase
% Increase
Staff retention:

Percentage over the standard that employees are likely to stay within an organisation.

% Increase
% Increase

* The CBI reported that sickness absence costs the UK economy £13.4bn a year – almost £2bn of which is thought to be not genuine

And yet, The Harvard Business Review published a study entitled: The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance which showed that while most leaders understand the importance of engagement, three­ quarters of those surveyed said that most employees in their organisations are not highly engaged.

We want the Alliance to help give you the skills to deliver the value identified above to your organisation AND we want to help you to be heard so that leaders listen to you and value your contribution tobusiness performance. Perhaps most importantly, we want to work with you to create irrefutable proof of the business value that employee engagement delivers.

We also recognise the positive impact professional employee engagement can have on the lives of employees in terms of satisfaction, stress reduction and general health and wellbeing. We want to help you to accelerate this positive impact.

What is the Ethos of the Alliance?

We chose the name Alliance because it means 'the merging of efforts or interests by persons or organisations for mutual benefit'. By joining the Alliance you will merge your efforts with those of your peers to give employee engagement – and the professionals that make it possible – the status it deserves.

We believe employee engagement professionals have a golden opportunity to be identified as providers of real business value. As a result we want the watchwords for the organisation to be proof, best practice, collaboration and momentum.

We have designed it to be shaped by its members and bureaucracy free so it focuses on outcomes of value rather than processes and structures.

We want it to continuously evolve based on your contributions and we want it to become the de facto repository of all things good about employee engagement.

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The EEA Management Team

Our Founders created the Employee Engagement Awards – the world’s first award scheme specifically designed to shine a light on the value delivered by employee engagement professionals. During the first year of the Awards it became clear that, while there is a lot of talk about employee engagement, there isn’t a membership organisation that has a unique focus on employee engagement.

The Employee Engagement Alliance fills that void.

Ruth Dance

Ruth Dance

Managing Director

Ruth has been at the forefront of Employee Engagement for over a decade and brings her passion and experience in developing strong cultures and relationships across the industry to her leadership of the EEA.

Crispin Manners

Crispin Manners


As a leading communications consultant for the last 30 years Crispin has been in the vanguard of Employee Engagement development.

Marta Drozdz

Marta Drozdz

Member Relations

Marta brings her communications skills and passion for continuous improvement to this vital role.

Creating Benchmarks for Employee Engagement

Because one of the desired outcomes for the Alliance is proving the value of Employee Engagement, we want to provide members the opportunity to benchmark the impact of their employee engagement programme against businesses of the same size and in the same sector.

To make these benchmarks accessible to as many organisations as possible we have agreed a special benchmarking service using Employee Net Promoter as the metric of choice.

This will provide all participating companies their own engagement score and the average for all companies, companies of their size and companies in their sector. we will also provide a 'benchmark badge' for you to display your score if you want to.

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